She Sails – Learn to Sail Course Session 3

Hi All,

Commencing on Saturday 20th February 2021, we are holding our first 2021 “SheSails Sailing 1” (learn to sail) course.

It comprises of  3 x 4 hour sessions over 3 Saturdays –  20.2.21, 27.2.21 and 20.3.21. 

I am asking any competent sailor if they could assist for all or any of the 3 afternoons.  There is a need for safety boat drivers and volunteers to assist the ladies sailing the club boats (X3s, pacers and maybe sabots, dependent on how many participants we get for the course).  

It’s a fun, bonding experience for us all, and we’re doing what we love, being on the waters at Fingal, and sharing our knowledge of sailing.  

Please note:  None of us get paid and the proceeds go back into the club. We have recently purchased 3 pacers for the club, so the registration from the participants is to help pay for those pacers.  

So, if you have a spare Saturday, 2 Saturdays or 3 Saturdays, could you please let Monique know at email address: 

Also, if you know of any females who are keen to learn to sail, please send this email on to them.

Link to register for the event –

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to email me or phone me on 0409 761908.