Race 2 – 2015

Tweed River Sunday Sailing Race Report


Dear Members,

Tweed Valley Sailing Club conducted its second race of its 5th summer series.

We had tough sailing conditions on Sunday, plus a good fleet of NS’s & Corsairs.

21 boats raced, with a gusty 15 to 18 knot breeze, favouring those who knew what they were doing,

This race was a Class Championship Race for NS14’s and Laser class boats.

21 boats started; 8 NS14’s with 14 crew, , 6 Corsairs with 17 Crew, 3 Lasers, 2 Multihull, and two others.

48 People attended including rescue boat crews and timekeepers,

A strong and gusty North Easterly Breeze push the yachts, ensuring a good display of skill would be required to complete the race. Many boats didn’t get passed the first lap, as the strong breeze broke boats and wore crews down.

8 yachts competed in the 1st heat of the Clubs NS14 Class Championship Race, staged over 5 races throughout summer.

First Place in the NS14’s went to “Wingover”, (Paul Uhlman and crew John O’Neill). showing excellent skills to master the tough conditions, Wingover beat next placed “Radical Phase”, (Glenn Slight &  Michelle Oxenford), by only 90 seconds.  This was Michelle’s, first sailing adventure, so these guys did very well to stay so close to the front. Next to finish in the NS14’s was “Zarzan” (Adam Hurt & Thomas Busbridge), getting across the finish 4 minutes behind Radical Phase.

The conditions proved too tough for the remainder of the fleet and none others finished the course.

Lasers were also competing in their Class Championship. Top Laser was Gary McRohon, finishing close behind the 2nd NS14. Gary beat the next Laser “Genghis” (Wayne Freeman) by almost 20 minutes, with 3rd Laser, “Pussy Galore” (Jen Richardson), not finishing.

Corsairs were in a non Championship week. 6 Boats started carrying 17 crew !!! Top boat this week was “Melita”, (Azo Bell,  Germain, and John) finishing 13 minutes ahead  of second finisher, “Well Layd” (Monique Smith, Paul Smith, Tom Weiss) then 3 seconds back to “Dominatrix”, (Russ Timbs, Isaac Zheng & Lachlan Pullan)


Multihulls were racing and fastest was “Wooska” (Toby & Anna Poulsen). Toby & Anna finished only 10 minutes behind the first mono hull despite sailing an extra lap.

Big thanks to those who helped out and made this race possible, our rescue boat crews and timekeepers.

Next weekend the club travels to Harwood, on the Clarence River, for their annual “Bridge to Breakers: Race. Next sailing on the Tweed River will be on Sunday the 22nd of November.


Ranking List after one round of Class Championship

NS14, MG14 & Taser Class Championship

1st place on 1 point

Paul Uhlman, John O’Neil

2nd place on 2 points

Glenn Slight, Michelle Oxenford

3rd place on 3 points

Adam Hurt, Tom Busbridge

4th place on 9 points

Bill Fenelon, Kaleb Williams, Dave Chester Isaac Poulsen, Malcolm Madden, Mark Banbury, Ty Banbury, Geoff Carter

5th place on 12 points

Tony Lochead


Lasers, Sabres and Tassy Tigers

1st Place on 1 point

Gary McCrohon

2nd Place on 2 points

Wayne Freeman

3rd place on 5 points

Jen Richardson, Tom Bourgeois


1st place on 1 point

Monique Smith, Paul Smith, Tom Weiss

2nd Place on 2 points

Geoff Carter, Jo Carter, Rosario Hulsewede

3rd place on 3 points

Bill Fenelon, Mark Reynolds, Darcy Reynolds

4th place on 4 points

Kevin Burke, Jenny, and Bonnie,

5th place on 5 points

Russ Timbs, Holly Mayes and Santiago Hulsewede

6th place on 6 points