Rescheduled Day 2 coming up this Sunday

Racing is on this coming Sunday, the 17th of January
Briefing at midday, race start at 1pm (NSW Time).

This is the rescheduled day 2 for NS14 Class Champs and Handicap Racing.  If you already registered for this event in the past, then there’s nothing to do.  You can confirm your listing on the registration page.

Full details and all registration links are on the event page on our website.

All skippers, please register and pay online before the day
Covid registration is now a check in, done on the day, not before.  Our website has a check in option in the top menu.  Please check in when you arrive on Sunday.

For skippers looking for crew, the event page has a section for you to leave your contact details.  There’s also a new page for people who would like to sail, to leave their contact details for potential skippers to contact them.

Again, all of the forms/registrations mentioned are linked from the event page.

If crews can help setup and packup on the day, then that would be appreciated.

People looking to crew:
If you do not have a boat organised but would like to crew, whether you have experience or not, one option is to fill in your contact details here.  Skippers will be able to see the information and perhaps get in touch to arrange a spot before the day.  If you are not a member, then you will need to pay for a sail pass for the day.  ($4.  Which can be deducted from your membership in the future.)

See you Sunday.