It’s Good to be Back

Well, another great day on the water at the TVSC.  It was good to see the water getting back to some sort of clarity after the recent rains.  Hopefully we will see the bottom in a few weeks.

First up a big and continued thanks to Brian, Reg, Bill and all the others who do an amazing job of keeping the rescue boats and other club facilities up to scratch, so that others can get out and sail.  It is great to know that a rescue boat is available and will work when we break a mast or need other support.

The weather and day was perfect for most sailors with a 10 to 15kt breeze, typical warm weather and some 15 boats on the water including Juniors.  Some good tussles were seen between the Lasers and also the Corsairs.  Well done all in the shifty conditions. The handicap results are here.

Lessons were learned on raising and lowering spinnakers on at least one of the Corsairs.  A lesson to all for being prepared and then rounding marks cleanly.

A fairly uneventful day for most with some good competition at the start line.  It was then a two field race with many working hard against the current to the top mark, and others leaving the rest of the sailors in their wake.  Unfortunately, a broken mast on one of the “new” club pacers saw Rachel practice the new skill of making a boat tidy ready for towing.

A well done shoutout to the juniors who all seemed to have a great time and handled themselves spectacularly well both on and off the water. What wonderful additions to the membership of the club.

See you in two weeks!

Doug Haig