Juniors Fun Racing This Coming Sunday

Juniors is on this Sunday 24th Oct. from 9-12.

Forecast (as at 19/10/21)

  • Shower or two
  • 8-10kts NNW-NNE
  • High tide at 1204

We will be conducting two FUN RACES with modified sailing rules:

  • Paddling with hands is allowed,
  • Walking boats in shallow water is allowed.

0915 Briefing (courses may be modified)

Fun Race 1
  • 0930 Le Mans Start at Fingal Boat Harbour,
  • Sail to Isolated danger mark off Ukerebagh Island (pass Mark to port),
  • Finish on beach just south of Ukerebagh Passage.

Fun Race 2
  • Start from Beach,
  • Round indicated Green marker to starboard,
  • Finish on beach PAST Fingal Boat Ramp

Please register here.

See you there,