She Sails – Start Sailing Day 3

On Saturday 26 September and the following 2 Saturdays, I am running a Start Sailing 1 – Introduction to Sailing Course at Fingal Boat Harbour from 12 pm to 4 pm.
If you would like to go back to basics with sailing, and would like to become more confidant on the water, this is the course for you.    
Intro to sailing:  By the end of this course you will be confidant in:
  1. Preparing to go on the water:  clothing to suit the conditions, use of safety equipment and the need for protection from environmental elements.
  2. Be able to rig a boat with assistance and identify the commonly used parts of the boat.
  3. Tie a figure of 8 knot and  a bowline
  4. Perform a capsize recovery in shallow water and participate in single boat towing.
  5. Be able to launch and recover a boat with assistance; correctly tack and stop the boat; successfully sail a windward/broad reach course;  paddle boat around a marked course.
  6. Understand the meaning of port and starboard;  windward and leeward;  and overtaking vessels.
  7. Identify the wind direction;  able to source weather forecasts. 
There will be no official certificate issued, but I am running the course along the guidelines of Discover Sailing syllabus.  There are future courses following this, Start Sailing 2, Better Sailing, Start Racing and Better Racing, which will follow in the subsequent months.
There will be a safety boat and driver as a duty of care.  Our club boats are the 5 X3s which we will be utilising, and possibly the club laser.  
If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to email me back or phone me, details below.  
I have 2 takers so far, being Tara and Gail.  
See you Sunday.
Kind regards
SheSails Rep
Ph:  0409 761 908