First Race of the Summer Season Begins this Sunday

Our summer season begins this coming Sunday the 27th of September.
Briefing at midday, race start at 1pm (NSW Time).
Handicap Racing

There will be time keeping.

There are a couple of registration forms, so please bear with us as we experiment and try to make things work easily from everyone’s point of view.  (i.e. mine)

Full details and links are on the event page on our website.

We are going to start charging for race entry again, so all skippers need to use the Skippers Registration form to enter their boat, boat details and pay their $5.  You can do this on the day on your phone or earlier in the week.  You can pay by direct debit into our bank account or via credit card.  The details are shown when you register.

For skippers needing crew or people wanting to crew, there is a Skippers ‘Looking for Crew’ form on the event page.  Skippers, please fill that in if you need crew.  There’s also a link (on the event page) that lists Skippers who are seeking crew…(so maybe you’ve guessed what’s coming next already)…if you’d like to crew, then check that list and ring/email the skippers about a spot…and if you need crew…then fill in the appropriate form.  Please.  If this gets too (more?) complicated, then we’ll try another method.  (There may still be random spots free on the day, as that is life, so you’re very welcome to come along and try to get a spot.)

To comply with our covid safe plan, everyone attending must register with the covid safe registration page…too.  (Sorry)  But guess what?  That’s on the event page too!

Finally, it’s our intention to race every second Sunday and to occasionally have training/learn to sail/juniors days on the other Sundays.  More news on that soon.

Memberships are also due.

See you Sunday!