Pursuit Starts Again this Sunday

After the success of the last race day, we’re going to try the pursuit start format again this coming Sunday. We’ll talk at the briefing about how we want to continue the season. Start times have changed for some boats.

Skippers please register your entry here.

No juniors in the morning, sorry, but we have a few juniors keen to race in the afternoon. Please call John on 0431 025 497 or Craig to make arrangements. Juniors will start first before the other boats. (No. You don’t get to start first if you take a junior with you…they have to be skipper.)

We should have plenty of spots available for (inexperienced and experienced) crew, so if you’d like to sail, please leave your details here (if you haven’t already), and a skipper might contact you or make arrangements directly with people you’ve sailed with previously. Otherwise, come along on the day even if you haven’t secured a spot.  (The earlier you arrive, the easier it is to organise.)  Skippers, the list of the available crew is here.

We also have the club pacers and laser available for hire on the day.  Please contact Craig on 0413 052 898 if you’re interested in taking out one of those boats.

Start Times will be confirmed at briefing but the provisional start times are below:

Provisional Start Times

StartTimeBoat list
113:00:00P2 P2; P6 P6; 0 Red Yawl; 0 Snark; 107 Neil Armstrong
313:02:00311 Talbingo
413:03:000 Le Vent; 492 Midnight Magic
613:05:00616 It’s Academic; 169 One Too Many
713:06:001169 Zazen; 1905 Blue Tack; 1890 Impulsive Matt
913:08:00396 Nimbus; 802 None The Wiser; 396 Nimbus; 677 Dominatrix; 1682 No Sweat; 683 Epic
1013:09:0045669 Naked
1313:12:00580 Splitter; 126 Rosie
1613:15:001918 Hippocampus
2113:20:00266 Capers; 490 Keenas; 184 Gidget
2313:22:0050103 Lets Disco
2513:24:0023488 Betty; 157866 Lazarbeam
2613:25:00848 Monopoly; 165820 Glider
2713:26:00171115 Condition Zulu
2813:27:00192699 Lizard Drinking; 169715 Splatter; 168125 Flight V;267817 Tipsy Too
2913:28:00193408 V 2.5
3013:29:00207817 Rolling Stone
3113:30:00202789 Dreadnought; 1109.MG On and Off
3213:31:00179414 Bluey
If your boat is not in this list, then please register ASAP, so that Kate can add your start time. Last Updated Thursday 23 June at 16:46