Racing News

  • Juniors this Sunday
  • Adult Try Sailing sessions this Sunday
  • Working Bee Thursday morning at 9 am (ish)
  • Racing in Two Weeks Time, with Handicap Beach Starts

Juniors Sailing

Juniors Sailing is on again this coming Sunday morning from 9am.

Please register here.

Adult Try Sailing

A number of our volunteers have offered to run some Adult Try Sailing sessions this Sunday morning. Each session will run for an hour and is intended for people new to sailing, who’d like to have a go. These will be one on one sessions. The cost is $5 and you must register online. We may open up additional spaces, depending on demand.

Please register the appropriate session here. If you register and are unable to attend, then please notify us as soon as possible, so that we can open the space for someone else.

Working Bee

John and others are running a working bee this coming Thursday morning from about 9 ish. (His words.) Please get in touch with him, if you have the time to help out for that morning. His number is 0431 025 497.

Next Race – Beach Starts

Our next race day, in two weeks time, will be a single long race, with handicap start times, leaving from the beach. Each boat will be given an individual start time for when they can leave the beach with slower boats departing earlier and the faster ones having to play catch up, during the race.

Briefing on the day will be midday and start times will be posted on the website from Saturday and shown at the container Sunday morning. Please arrange your registration and crew early, if you need them. You can register here.

The beach might get a bit busy, so if you have a later start time, then please hold off on putting your boat on the beach early and also shuffle down to the end.