Changes for Sunday due to the Border Closure

As you would all be aware, the Qld government has closed the border with NSW, though a border zone still exists as per the last closure. While you could interpret that the rules permit our Qld members to sail on Sunday, the committee has decided to postpone Sunday’s race so that Qld members who do not want to cross the border won’t miss out on racing in the winter pursuit series.

Therefore, we’ll revert to a Corona Cup race again on Sunday for NSW residents, with Juniors still on in the morning. There will likely be people who need crew, especially now that the Queensland crew has pulled out, so please get in touch. There may not be any onshore timekeeping, depending on who volunteers on the day and whether it’s felt that it’s necessary.

For those in Queensland, we’ll be doing an informal race(s) at Lake Orr in Varsity Lakes. Meeting around midday with a series of short races on the lake from about 1pm. This is not an official TVSC event and you’ll need to bring your own equipment…but there are hot showers! There are also crewing spots available.

We’ll review the situation in time for the next scheduled event and will try to find a time to run the postponed race day before the season ends.