Racing this Sunday

Racing is on this coming Sunday with a briefing at midday. (Registration link)

Juniors is also running again weekly.

We really need volunteers to help run our sessions. A current roster is here. Some people have been rostered automatically. If you cannot make a particular event, then please arrange for a swap with someone else.

For Juniors, we have both our Junior’s morning sessions running every Sunday morning (for at least the next two months) and the option for competent juniors to race in the afternoon races with their own starts. After all the floods, bad weather and Covid lockdowns etc. We are keen to get our fleet of MJs and X3s back on the water!

Juniors sessions are open for ages 7-17 years. As there is an afternoon club race we will need to start promptly at 8.30 and be off the water by 11.30. Shore crew (parents) help would be greatly appreciated. New sailors are welcome and if numbers suffice a separate class may be formed. Please remind us of your age and years of sailing experience (if any) when you register.

Our Winter Racing will be every two weeks, and we will have a variety of events. One change is that we’d like to announce the day’s results, at the end of the day. We’d also like to start the BBQ again.

For this Sunday, skippers, please register here. The first race start will be at 1pm NSW time with a briefing held at midday. If you’d be interested in crewing (no experience necessary) then please fill in this form. A skipper may get in touch with you. Or come along on the day (the earlier the better) to see if you can find a ride. Details on what to bring are here. Skippers, your list of the available crew is here.

Finally, Seven TVSC boats and crew raced in the Cleveland Yacht Club’s Peel Island Marathon last Sunday. Photos and a write up from Matt are on the website.

See you Sunday!