Saturday SheSails Race Day 30 July 2022

With a Southerly of 15 knots, 4 pacers and a laser headed out, sailing a triangle course.

Brennan and Murielle’s daughter, Erica, supported us all on the safety boat, setting the course, and doing an excellent job with 5 minute starts.

Two races were held with 4 pacer teams and Pancho on the club laser.

Participants were club members Julie, Murielle, Debbie and first timer Kody, with club members John, Lex, Maddie and Monique, giving assistance.

The last two SheSails Saturdays have been provided for participants of our SheSails courses, to give them the opportunity to learn the rules of racing so they can participate in this year’s Summer series.

What happens on the water, stays on the water …. that’s all we are saying! Lots of laughs, and Pancho practicing capsizing on his second time on the laser.

Thanks for volunteers – Brennan, Lex, John and Monique for their continued assistance in sharing their passion of sailing.